Landscape Installation, Design and Maintenance in Arizona

Core Sprinkler LLC’s landscape installation services will add the finishing touches to your yard and bring out the aesthetic appeal. We provide all the materials you need for a new installation or even if you simply need a renovation. For brand new layouts or updates to your existing landscaping system, our services include: 

    • Paver installation: Define the look of your property and enhance the focal point with a paver installation that will set the tone for all guests coming through. We will layout the patio paver you envision with brick or concrete that will withstand weather.
    • Sod and rock installation: Create an instantly green and refreshing yard that will keep you cool in the summer months by installing sod, or achieve a rustic effect fit for the Arizona desert and focus on rock landscaping. We’ll level out your current property to properly lay the materials down the way you want it.
    • Plant and annual color installation: When you need vibrant color or more life, consider our plant and annual color landscaping for your home or business. Not only do our professionals have an eye for design, we’ll give you advice on foliage that will help you save on monthly energy costs.
    • Grading and mounding/sloping: Level out your property to avoid creating washes and pooling in places you wouldn’t want that happening. The proper grading process integrates mounding and sloping techniques to maximize the use of your space and coordinate with the rest of your property.
    • Low-voltage lighting: Top it all off and let your new yard shine with low-voltage lighting to brighten up your paths or show off the entire yard. Outdoor lighting will be artfully placed and bring out all your new features.

Whether it’s your home or business, we’ll be there to find a solution for your new landscaping installation, design or maintenance. If it’s a renovation you seek, we’ll provide our expertise and guidance to get everything where you want it to be. Don’t forget about an efficient irrigation system to keep your yard fresh and healthy in the Arizona climate!

Our services include both residential and commercial properties in the Phoenix area. If you are looking for landscape installation, need maintenance on your existing property, or only need replacements, Core Sprinkler has what you need. We also offer sprinkler and irrigation maintenance deals to upkeep your new landscape as often as you’d like.

We are happy to accommodate any other requests you have – just give us a call and we will have a quote ready!

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